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FCB is your all-in-one solution for freight transport and logistics services. Whether it’s moving cargo, exporting goods, local stock transport, or other logistics needs. We are always available for you, lets connect and discuss more.

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About FCB

At Fremont Compound Brokerage, we provide peace of mind, focusing on exceeding customer expectations through excellent service. From pickup to delivery, trust us for seamless logistics. Our Fremont Compound Brokerage team ensures timely and reliable transportation, simplifying for local and international needs.
Our dynamic systems, professional team, and qualified drivers guarantee effective and timely goods transport. With respect for everyone and 24/7 customer service, we are your trusted logistics partner.


We uphold our commitments and deliver as promised. With a complete focus on your shipping requirements.

On-Time & Responsive

Our customer requests are handled immediately. Discover full transparency of our shipping practices with up-to-date tracking.


We maintain the uphold customer loyalty and confidence through consistent performance and timely service, fostering trust with our valued clients.

Support Team

Our team of experts manages all essential aspects and offers support throughout the shipment process.

Our Mission Is To Ensure Success At Every Stage, From One Door To Another

At Fremont Compound Brokerage , our mission is to guarantee success at every stage of your supply chain, ensuring a seamless journey from one door to another. We prioritize efficiency and reliability in delivering comprehensive logistics solutions for your business’s success.

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Who We Are

The Only Shipping Company You’ll Need

Freight Management Logistics: Proudly Serving all your Transportation Needs

Compliance and safety

 We adhere to all industry regulations and safety standards, ensuring the secure and compliant transportation of your goods.

Transparency and security

We work closely with our customers to ensure that they are fully informed of the status of their shipments at all times.

Recognized & Trusted

With 5 years in the transportation industry, We can design a program exclusively for your independent shipping needs to maximize savings

Ahead of the Game

Our Total System Coverage provides Truckload and LTL/Partial Services, Volume Freight, Trade Shows, Temperature Control, Flatbed

Old-Fashioned Professionalism

At FCB our goal is to make things easier for you, the customer. We are in the business of offering solutions and we’re flexible enough to tailor

No Job too Big

Truckload and LTL/Partial Services, Volume Freight, Trade Shows, Temperature Control, Flatbed, Air Shipments, International Air

Aggressive Pricing

Our leveraged buying power not only brings immense savings to your company, but an increased level of customer satisfaction prompted

We Care for our Customers

We leverage our experience, industry knowledge and technology to provide you with the commitment that you are going to save money

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